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Best Friends Day
June 8th

#BestFriendsDay    #NationalBestFriendsDay    #WorldBestFriendsDay


A day to celebrate the other half of you; whether that's a human, dog, cat, horse, gerbil or salamander. Ok, so the salamander is a stretch, but you know what we mean.

Celebrate the ones that makes your heart smile!


Best Friends Day {also known as Bestie Day and BFF Day, was founded by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, Entrepreneur, Author, and Friendship Aficionado, Colleen Paige, to celebrate the bond between people, as well as the bond between people and their pets.


It's a very special day, filled with endless opportunities to show the most important people and pets in your life...just how much you adore them and to honor and memorialize those beloved best friends that are no longer by your side.

This is also a great day to adopt a new best friend! You can never have too many best friends, right? How about visiting your local animal rescue and bring home a new furry bestie today!

Ways To Celebrate 


Everyone, women and men both, loves (or at least LIKES) flowers. Who would be bummed to open the door to a bestie bearing multiple gifts of colorful, fragrant orbs of happiness? How about something that can be planted? Try creating a new friendship tradition by gifting a potted flowering plant every year, to create a "bestie garden". This is a perfect way to evoke wonderful memories of you, every time your bestie looks outside. 



Enjoying sports with your best friend is a triple perk! It's not only fun, but it's healthy and someone always wins! Get together for basketball, football, tennis, or golf and let the winner be lavished with their favorite beverage and burger. No sore losers allowed.

Team Talk


To signify your lifelong friendship, consider getting matching tattoos! Think of a symbol, a place, a belief, music or animal that reminds you of one another. You can also have a tattoo artist create an original work of art, so you know that the tattoo is unique to you and your bestie(s).

Couple Close Up


Are you tired of always simply "talking about" your bestie dream vacay? How about committing to some solid plans to make it happen? There's always the opportunity of a day or weekend trip to a fabulous local attraction, spa or hotel. How about a hike? Camping? If your bestie is your co-pilot, consider a pet friendly getaway for a day or two. The possibilities are endless!



This is a perfect way to enjoy time together, with both your significant other and your best friend. There's nothing better than having the best of both worlds! How about a picnic on the beach with a swim? 

Beach Fun


This is a great reason to indulge in your cravings. You can visit your favorite restaurant, food cart, or make a meal together. New recipes are always fun to prepare with your favorite person by your side. If you have a pet, think about preparing a special treat or a scrumptious meal, filled with goodies they normally don't get every day. 

Chicken Burger


In this crazy-busy world we live in, we often don't have enough time for ourselves, let alone, our besties. Just sitting and spending time together...catching up on each other's lives over a cup of coffee or glass of wine can be so relaxing and often extremely therapeutic. You don't always have to "do something". Just chillin with one another can be the most fun of all.

Girls in a Shopping Mall


From checking out the latest fashion trends and cosmetics, to testing out the best running, hiking, biking gear...there is a sea of retail therapy for everyone! Even if you're both on a budget, window shopping has not lost its charm. 


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