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Indie Music Day
March 1, 2016
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World Indie Music Day is a celebration of independent music artists and record labels around the globe who march to the beat of their own drum. "Indie" is not just a's a lifestyle. It's set apart from the norm...a norm that in this day and age, many indie artists find to be adverse to their creativity, success and joy. Our goal is to support great indie artists and labels by helping them get the exposure they deserve, as well as allocate a percentage of partner proceeds to help pets and children in need. Indie Music Day was founded by Celebrity Lifestyle Expert, Music Aficionado and Singer/Songwriter, Colleen Paige, also the founder of many popular worldwide trending holidays to benefit animals and people in need. Behind the scenes at Indie Music Day, are music business professionals and philanthropists, who love the combination of supporting indie artists and labels and benefiting the greater good in the world.

Indie music is produced independently from major commercial record labels. It's the love of the DIY approach to recording and publishing. Most independent music artists don't fall into a specific defined musical style or genre and usually create music that can be categorized into multiple genres.






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Do you love dogs and love helping to save them? IMD is currently seeking artists to submit songs with lyrics that could relate to the love between a dog and their human...or a dog that was saved from death or a life of misery. This could be a previously recorded song with lyrics that would work and be put to a dog related video. Check out the National Dog Day 2014 theme song by American Authors or the 2015 theme song by Jade Hendrix.

This campaign is for the following philanthropic holidays, many of which trend worldwide the "day of" on Twitter. If your music is aligned with one of these days, you will be seen by potentially millions. If you have an EP or merch for sale, that could bring some awesome sales!


The winning artist will receive stellar promotion through our social media platform. So enter your email address to the left and we'll send you our newsletter with more detailed information.

If you're a music videographer that would like to work with us, please contact Zane Grey here.


Being a partner not only shows the world that you care deeply about supporting independent music artists, but it also shows that you have a philanthropic tenet about helping to lighten the plight of children and animals around the world. A strong focus of ours is providing clean water
to every person and animal around the globe.

If you're an individual or business that would like to partner with us to help celebrate and support our mission to further the success and expsosure of indie music artists and record labels, as well as help children and pets in need, please drop us a line to discuss!


World Indie Music Day will highlight the Top 10 Best Indie Artists around the globe on March 1st, 2016 and award one lucky band or solo artist with the title of World Indie Music Day Artist (or Band) of the Year, $1,000 in music gear and a band page on our website for one year.

We also have open-calls for original music to pair with our global campaigns. When you submit your music link, if we hear a song that relates to a current campaign, we'll contact you to discuss!

Click here to send us a link to your music for a chance to be selected. YouTube, Bandcamp & Soundcloud links allowed ONLY.

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