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National Pug Day, founded by Pet Lifestyle Expert, Author and Animal Rescuer, Colleen Paige,
is a sister holiday to
National Dog Day, celebrating and honoring the breed that makes us all laugh and smile. These are among the sweetest breed of dogs on the planet. Unfortunately, because of the popularity of Pugs, many are abandoned due to financial problems and neglect. There is a great need for adoption of these little  cuties, so we encourage you to adopt from a Pug Rescue on October 15th....if possible.  Please don't misunderstand, we are not against "responsible" breeders --but there are so many orphaned pugs awaiting a forever let's get them adopted first! When pug rescue is empty...our mission has has been fulfilled. Please don't buy from pet stores, as they're supplied by puppy mills that abuse and neglect animals for the sake of profit.

In the matter where you found your is their day to get a little extra

Please Support Our Work!

Purchase a National Pug Day Limited Edition Fine Art Print. This adorable print, created by artist Adria Bernstein with Witty Wocks
for National Pug Day, arrives on 8.5x11 inch fine art paper with UV coating to prevent fading.
Enjoy all year long...or keep as a seasonal wall decor.

May be purchased with or without text.

$35 with free shipping. Please allow 2-3 days to ship.

Payment link below is for Paypal but you can email us
if you'd like to use Venmo or CashApp and we'll send
you the payment info.


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