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Holiday Rules of Participation


While our client holidays are meant to be celebrated by all, these days are intellectual property brands just like any other and these days rely strictly on the financial support of partners. To protect the rights of our current partners and sponsors, the integrity of our mission and the safety of animals and people everywhere, we do not allow any sales campaigns or public events to take place without our knowledge, approval and official partnership. These guidelines are for everyone, but especially if you're a small business or corporation planning to celebrate, please respect our rights. Thank you.

Businesses and Corporations

We do not allow the use of our client's brand name in any public events, press releases, in-store/online sales, online/social media giveaways or press releases that we have not approved. Generally only official partners are given those rights. To inquire about partnership, click here.

City, County & State Governments

If your city, county or state government facilities would like to host an event, please contact us to discuss the details.


Shelters, Rescues & Other Nonprofits

If you plan to host an event or host a promotion of fundraising products on your website or through social media, please contact us. You must be a valid nonprofit and show proof of tax I.D. status.


Press & TV Media

Thank you for your interest in sharing our holidays. All images on our websites are licensed. Please seek approval to use any images on this site or associated holiday sites in your articles, blogs and features.

We very much appreciate that when writing about our holidays, you place a link back to the holiday mentioned, so people can learn more. Contact us for interview requests.








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