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We represent clients that care about animals, home, health, the planet and humanity. Our partners range from small pet businesses and national corporations to major motion picture film studios and television networks that are the leaders in their industry with the highest standards and community respect. If you want to take your brand to a new level and be among the best, please consider becoming a partner with one of the amazing holidays we represent.

Your partnership will not only show the world that you care deeply for philanthropy but it will also help keep our holidays thriving. As a partner, the worldwide exposure to your business is unrivaled. For example: National Dog Day is the only holiday to trend for years, both on Twitter & Google #1 WORLDWIDE...under 3 different titles on the same day:
#nationaldogday #dogday #happynationaldogday. This kind of buzz and exposure is akin to a Super Bowl commercial.




-Businesses, please do not infringe on the brands we represent. We do not allow any kind of sales promotions by for-profit businesses of any of our client's holidays branding, which includes holiday name, hashtags, logos, website photos or text copy from a holiday website without our approval and official partnership. The holidays we represent are the intellectual property of our clients and protected by law. We will forward any IP violations to our legal department for immediate remedy. Contact us here to learn how to become a partner.


-Nonprofits, please contact us prior to promoting adoption events using our client's holiday name and branding. Please don't forget to mention the holiday you're inquiring about.


We offer many levels of partnership for our holidays and we're happy to craft a partnership with your specific budget, initiatives and goals in mind. We're confident that you'll be impressed with not only the robust assets we offer for each level, but the unparalleled stats and the stellar worldwide exposure you'll receive being aligned with our amazing philanthropic holidays. This is the reason we enjoy repeat partners every year.

We do not accept offers of gratis partnerships or collaborations from brands unless they have a social media following over 500K organic total followers on IG, FB and Twitter that can be leveraged as an asset.

PLEASE READ BEFORE EMAILING US. Serious inquiries only may contact us for partner levels & assets. Please be prepared to state your general ideas for partnership and your maximum budget. Inquiries without this information may go unanswered. Prospective Partners, we're very excited to hear from you and generally can respond within 24-48 hours.

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